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Beside “Stand-Alone” ,we also offer “Grid –Tie” and “Bi-Directional“ solutions.


Many communities are lacking access to basic necessities such as electricity.

In rural areas, small amounts of alternative energy can free large amounts of human time and labour.

The most common uses of electricity are lighting, television & refrigeration.

Alternative energy has been claimed to have substantial benefits, promoting production and better health and education.
In rural households access to information from TV and radio influences health knowledge, health behavior  and having the availability of refrigerated storage improves nutritio
A “Stand-Alone” power system is an “Off-The-Grid” electricity system suitable for locations that are not fitted with an electricity distribution structure


A “Grid-Tie” system synchronizes the power generated by the solar panel array to the grid by an inverter.  During the day the power would generate from the solar panels.  At night the unit switches back to draw directly from the grid.

Schematic of “Grid-Tie” system

A “Bi-Direction” system is designed around the need to supplement the existing power source.
The maximum amount of wattage that can be used at any one time on this type of system is limited by the size of the inverter chosen at inception.
The user would need to decide, in consultation with a solar supplier, his/her total power requirements and then what amount of those requirements he would like to ensure has continuous power.
In the unlikely event of the solar power been insufficient, power can be obtained from an alternative source (generator or supplier) and fed into the system.
A Bi- Directional like a Stand-Alone system utilizes storage capacity (batteries) to provide power during night time or long period of inclement weather.
The basic components of this style of system would consist of: Photovoltaic (PV) panels, charge controller, batteries and an inverter.
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