Solar Overview

Although there is an enormous amount of information available in magazines, newspapers, advertising, the Internet and TV, the answer remains very confusing. If you’re considering installing a solar power system in your home, you might be wondering – how does solar power actually work?  
In general, photovoltaic systems harness the sun’s rays as a direct source of energy, and converts it into usable energy that can be used in the home, business or working environment. Not only does this result in big savings in power bills over the year, it’s also very eco-friendly, producing no waste products or harmful omissions.

The initial step to understand the ‘Workings” of Solar energy, is to differentiate between producing electricity with a PV (Photovoltaic) Panel system or solar water heating, with a mechanical solar panel. The two systems have nothing to do with each other with the exception that both systems need the sun to operate.

Here’s how the solar energy process works using a photovoltaic panel, in more detail:

Step 1 – Installation of PV Panels
Photovoltaic (PV) panels are placed on your roof.  If possible, in the southern hemisphere, the panels will be north facing, or north-east or north-west facing, so that they are able to capture the most energy possible.

Step 2 – Collection of Sun’s Rays
The solar panels on your roof collect the sun’s radiance during the day.  They are made of silicon and only need the sun’s radiance to work, so even on a cloudy day they will still generate power – albeit with lower production than on clear days.

Step 3 – Conversion To DC Power (Panels)
As the PV panels collect the sun’s rays, they convert them into Direct Current (DC) electricity. This power can be used immediately or stored, to be used at a later stage.

Step 4 – Conversion To AC Power (Inverter)
This DC power is then sent to an inverter which converts that DC power into Alternating Current (AC) electricity.  The inverters we use, depending on the requirement are made by leading manufacturers.

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